Saturdays 3:30PM in Church and by Appointment.


Baptisms in English are celebrated after 10:00AM Sunday Mass. Please contact the parish office to schedule the baptism. Through the Sacrament of Infant Baptism, we not only welcome a baby into the Catholic Church, but into a parish community as well. We ask that the parents and godparents of the child attend preparation classes prior to their child’s baptism. These classes provide a basic overview of the sacrament and a few other topics.


“The Way to Become Catholic”

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a process in which a person interested in becoming Catholic learns about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Church, our faith, and so much more. Its purpose is to make a person’s faith become living, conscious, and active, through the light of instruction. Its aim is to enrich the faith life of individuals at their particular stage of development. This is a lifelong process for the individual and a constant and concerted pastoral activity of the Christian community. We refer to the process as a journey because it is a journey in which we travel in search of the true living God.


Preparation for Confirmation is a two-year process which includes teens, sponsors, parents and families. High School teens participate in the Confirmation Process through large and small group meetings. This Process will help teens explore and understand their faith. They will discover a sense of self-esteem in the gifts God has given them with opportunities to share their giftedness through service to others.


Please contact the parish office at least six months in advance of the marriage date to arrange the wedding and to complete any other requirements. Kindly do not make any arrangements for receptions or restaurants before having an appointment with the parish priest.


The Quinceañera is a religious and cultural celebration in which a young lady following a course of preparation celebrates her 15th birthday with a Mass of thanksgiving. The purpose of the program is to educate the young lady so that she may take an active part in her parish.